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Anatomical Data

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BrainBase A database hosting a large collection of confocal microscopy images showing expressions of VT and enhancer trap Gal4 lines generated by Barry Dickson and his group over several years at the Institute of Molecular Pathology Vienna.
FlyBrain An online atlas and database of the Drosophila nervous system. Published by the University of Arizona, USA.
FlyCircuit A public database for online archiving, cell type inventory, browsing, searching, analysis and 3D visualization of individual neurons in the Drosophila brain. Published by Ann-Shyn Chiang's group at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.
Fruit Fly Lamina Connectome Fruit fly lamina connectome jointly published by de Polavieja Lab at Cajal Institute, Spain and HHMI Janelia Research Campus, USA.
Fruit Fly Medulla Connectome Fruit fly medulla connectome published by HHMI Janelia Research Campus, USA.
FlyLight The FlyLight Project produces large anatomical data sets, and highly characterized collections of GAL4, LexA and Split-GAL4 drivers in order to enable the visualization and precise manipulation of individual cell types in the adult and larval Drosophila nervous systems. Developed by HHMI Janelia Research Campus, USA.
ModelDB An accessible location for storing and efficiently retrieving computational neuroscience models. Managed by Gordon Shepherd's group at Yale University.
NeuroMorpho A centrally curated inventory of digitally reconstructed neurons associated with peer-reviewed publications. Managed by Giorgio Ascoli's group at George Mason University.
Open Connectome Project All levels of “connectomes”, from the nano (using electron microscopy) to the macro (using magnetic resonance imaging). Founded by Joshua T. Vogelstein, R. Jacob Vogelstein and Randal Burns at Johns Hopkins University, USA.
Virtual Fly Brain An interactive tool for neurobiologists to explore the detailed neuroanatomy, neuron connectivity and gene expression of the adult Drosophila melanogaster brain.

Genes and Genomes Data

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FlyBase An online bioinformatics database and the primary repository of genetic and molecular data for the insect family Drosophila melanogaster. It is carried out by a consortium of Drosophila researchers and computer scientists at Harvard University and Indiana University, both in USA, and University of Cambridge, UK.

Experimental Data

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CRCNS The Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS) is a joint program of NSF and NIH that, since 2002, has supported integration of theoretical and experimental neuroscience through collaborative research projects. Managed by Jeffrey L. Teeters and Friedrich T. Sommer both of the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at University of California, Berkeley, USA.
DoOR Database A database collecting odorant response in Drosophila. Published by C. Giovanni Galizia's group at Universität Konstanz.

Data Visualization

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neuTube An open source software for reconstructing neurons from fluorescence microscope images. Developed jointly by Ting Zhao at HHMI Janelia Research Campus, USA, and Linqing Feng at Jinny Kim’s Lab, Center for Functional Connectomics, KIST, South Korea.
Vaa3D The 3D Visualization-Assisted Analysis (Vaa3D) software suite is an open-source, fast and versatile 3D/4D/5D image visualization and analysis system for bioimages and surface objects. Developed by Hanchuan Peng's group at Allen Institute for Brain Science, USA.

Related Projects

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Open Source Brain A resource for sharing and collaboratively developing computational models of neural systems. The Open Source Brain initiative was started in the Silver Lab at UCL as part of a Wellcome Trust funded project.
OpenWorm An open source project dedicated to creating a virtual C. elegans nematode in a computer.