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The Neurokernel Project is a community project that welcomes contributors from across the research spectrum. There are a number of ways to participate in the project:

Try Out the Code

Download the Neurokernel code from GitHub. Try installing it and take a look at the IPython notebooks that illustrate the various model examples included in Neurokernel. Have a question? Can't figure out how to get part of the code to run properly? Get in touch with the developers on the project forum or mailing list. Something not work properly? Performance seem poor? Submit a bug report.

Extend an Existing Brain Circuit Model

Preliminary models of portions of the fruit fly's various sensory systems are included in the Neurokernel examples. These models only account for portions of the relevant modules in the fly brain. Try extending an existing model to account for additional parts of the brain.

Propose a New/Improved Brain Circuit Model or Neurokernel Feature

The models implemented using Neurokernel are not intended to be final; rather, we anticipate that they will eventually be replaced with models that either account for a greater portion of the fly brain or more accurately address the fly brain's biology. If you have developed a new or updated model of part of the fly brain using Neurokernel, describe it in a Request for Comments (RFC) document.